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Content creation has various forms today, but the most practiced way of consuming content is to open the search engine and read an article on the searched topic. What does this mean? Content writing will never be out of fashion, but your writing pattern might be. There are thousands of articles getting uploaded on the internet on an everyday basis. How do you constantly be among the best writers...



To be a successful web content writer, you must first understand that writing for print media is very different from writing for the web. For print media, it is fair to assume that the reader has purchased the particular form of media to consume the content, but in the case of web content writing, readers primarily glance or scan through your article. Then don’t read. It means a web copy...

Anatomy of a Powerful Content Strategy


Content is still an effective marketing strategy and is not something that you can do in just a few days. Creating powerful content needs extensive research, planning, and execution, in short, a proper strategy. According to stats related to 2020, more than 70% of marketers consider it as a key factor. It is said that content marketing is going to rule beyond 2020 as well.  1. About Content...

What is the Second Mover Advantage in Content Marketing


When you Google something, the top results usually contain some links that are terribly out of date. If you want to seal the deal and get your share of 68% online experiences, then you need to take a long and hard look at the situation. The second-mover advantage is something that is very prevalent in the world of SEO and economics. It can be defined as the benefits you reap by moving into an...

Niche Down To Scale Up: A Case Study In Ecommerce Content Marketing


Content marketing has a huge role to play in eCommerce companies. Firms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc., always dominate the search results by uploading thousands of articles. Ecommerce content marketing helps companies to enhance brand recognition and domain authority. But for that, the smartest thing you must do is stop competing when you are there against strong companies. ...

This is What Content Marketing Looks Like In A Crisis


The COVID-19 crisis has definitely shaken up things considerably and has changed the entire world for generations to come. Industries all over the world have been affected sorely by the crisis and the lives of ordinary people have changed as well. In this kind of scenario, how a brand reaches out to its audience is very important. Companies have to figure out the best ways to take care of their...

Everybody Wants Thought Leadership Content. But How Do You Do It, Exactly?


The content marketing strategy of your company depends on your team’s ability to create awesome content. Becoming a thought leader is not easy, and a lot of effort is required. Every company’s objective is to create content that can garner higher conversions and engagement. Here is how you can exactly do Thought Leadership Content. About Thought Leadership Content It helps to build the audience’s...

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