Tips To Follow While Writing For SEO


Your SEO game has to be on point if you want to increase the traffic, engagement, and ranking of your content on different search engine results. So, to help you with it, I have listed below a few tips on how you can write content that is SEO-friendly. It would be great if you target the questions that the users ask on the topic you are writing about, with your engaging content.  It will help if...

8 Essential Tips For Writing Fantastic Infographic Copy


Infographics are a common and popular way of spreading information across people in a short time. The correct usage of text and images educates the reader on various issues and topics. Everyone is preparing infographics today, and if you want your infographic copy to be unique, it’s not going to be easy at all. Many marketers concentrate on the design aspect only, but equal attention must be...

What Is A Qualified Lead?


A qualified lead is someone, who can become a potential customer to a company depending on the information and criteria they have received. Most importantly, you should know that there is no specific criterion as it varies from one organization to the other. Also, clients raising their hand and interested to get more details are qualified leads. It means that cold prospecting or no purchased...

Online Reputation Management: 6 Crucial Points to Focus and Improve


Your online reputation is very important and absolutely cannot be ignored. It is basically how a person will perceive your business when they look you up online. Online Reputation Management is a practice that aims to influence and improve the quality of the information that such people receive. They can help you to suppress harmful content. This is very important as the first 5 results get 67%...

What is the Second Mover Advantage in Content Marketing


When you Google something, the top results usually contain some links that are terribly out of date. If you want to seal the deal and get your share of 68% online experiences, then you need to take a long and hard look at the situation. The second-mover advantage is something that is very prevalent in the world of SEO and economics. It can be defined as the benefits you reap by moving into an...

The Idea Farm: Learn The Art Of Sowing, Growing, And Harvesting Great Blog Post Ideas


Have you ever tried finding out what can be great blog post ideas? Many bloggers claim that they have written blogs but fail to gain the right audience. It’s because they do not give a thought of knowing about blog post ideas. That’s why; here is a massive list pulling out all the exclusive ideas that experts use in their website. It will give you a way to enhance your blog writing...

How to Succeed as a Content Team of One


Content marketing can be a very lonely task, even in some of the biggest companies in the world. When organizations grow in scale, the teams that are affected by the change generally include development and sales. Marketing and content creation lags behind – in fact, even in some of the world’s largest companies, the marketing team is nothing but a skeleton crew. Even if the company has a...

The Dos And Don’ts Of Utilizing The Power Of Internal Linking


Deploying internal links helps in adding value to the webpage, and it is also an excellent SEO strategy. Two of its significant advantages are: It offers your content with search engine acknowledgment. It hooks up users on your site. You should avoid using internal links hither and thither; they should naturally blend into the content to shed light on the topic’s in-depth details. You can...

Risk Vs. Reward: How To Build A Diversified Content Portfolio


Great content marketing is similar to an investment portfolio. Many small investors think that several kinds of investments provide a different purpose. The same logic is applicable in Diversified Content Portfolios, so there is no one best kind of content marketing. All topics, like search content, content lane, sales enablement, thought leadership have some weaker and stronger areas...

Take Charge, Be A Voice Of Reason And Keep Publishing


With the strike of the COVID 19 pandemic, 2020 has been a hard year for most people no matter whether he is a businessman or some other professional. But amid all the crises and challenging situations, some businessmen managed to stand upright and kept on doing good business. The businessmen who made proper marketing of their products and services, who kept on publishing contents on their...

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