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How To Write Meta Descriptions


Meta descriptions are the snippets of text that show up under your website’s URL in a search engine result. They give users an idea of what they’ll find if they click on your link and can also act as a call-to-action for people who are undecided between multiple links. Creating meta descriptions is essential because you want to ensure that every page on your website has one. It should...

How To Boost Your SEO By Using Schema Markup


It’s no secret that Google is looking for quality content to index in their search engine. However, what you may not know are some of the ways that you can provide them with this content! This blog post discusses how schema markup can help boost your SEO and keep your site on the first page of Google results. In this article, we will discuss What is and the ways to increase your...

How to gain value from broken backlinks


Search engine optimization is a massive part of any website’s success. Many people are unaware that if they have broken backlinks on their site, it can impact how well the search engines rank them when someone searches for specific keywords. This blog post will cover how to gain value from broken backlinks to get the most out of your content and make sure you’re not penalized by...

Google’s Featured Snippets: How to Get Your Content to Appear


Google’s Featured Snippets are a great way to get your content seen by more people, but they can be tricky to make happen. This blog post will go over Formatting for readability & featured snippets and How to get featured in snippets What have featured snippets? Google’s Featured Snippets are a special search result that appears in the featured box at the top of Google’s SERP. They are...

10 Things To Optimize Your Pages For Better Conversions


Writing optimized content is not just about what you write. It also has to do with organizing the page and how it looks on your website or blog post. A designer can do many essential things to improve the conversion rate of their web pages, including optimizing for SEO and mobile devices. In this article, we will cover 12 on-page techniques apart from content for better conversions! Let’s...

What Is Cloaking In SEO & Different Types Of Cloaking


Isn’t it true that we all desire our webpage or website to be top in a search engine’s results page? All we have to do is improve our website to make it appear deserving of a high position. However, Search Engine Optimization is a slow process, and we do not want to wait. To leap into the top results of a SERP, a more straightforward option is to utilize “Black Hat SEO...

5 Ways in which Content Marketing can help build links


In order to stay high on the SERP, your site would need some solid links. Good content marketing has proved to be the best way of earning effective links which can help you with SEO and also bring some traffic to your page.  If it is possible to do some research in your industry, go ahead. Not only will you gather valuable knowledge, but you can also build links when you share your findings with...

How Important is it to Update My Website Content Regularly?


In the world of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect. Did you know that a recent survey discovered that 68% of all online experiences begin with a Google search? Leveraging search engines will also promote growth. In fact, a study by Bright Edge has shown that SEO marketing drives 1000% more traffic than other organic social media. To make the most out of...

4 Tips for effective content marketing


Your job as a content marketer doesn’t end with writing good content and publishing it on various platforms.  What you need first and foremost is to ascertain your target and then move towards it strategically. Most content marketing fails to happen when marketers don’t define what they are working for.  Growth is of course the most obvious target of your content marketing. But how to...

5 Content Marketing Trends to Watch in 2021


Content marketing is the new strategic marketing trend that allows the purpose of delivering brand promotion. It is widely used to create, publish and distribute among the targeted audience. These marketing tactics need more development through trends followed by an individual. With the rise and development of the marketing sector, people or industry experts are now focused and used to content...

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