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Why Readers Can Smell Fakes A Mile Away


Experienced writers and editors will give you a piece of advice that you should never forget. Readers can smell fake content from a mile away. Most readers have a sort of instinct that allows them to gauge the credibility of the content and the writer who has written it. The ideal content is structured in a way that the reader can relate to in the best way. Since 60% of marketers create one piece...

Yes, You Should Talk About Your Competitors. But Why?


If you take a look at the websites of some of the most successful companies or platforms in the world, you will see that they devote a lot of space to talk about competitors. For example, if you look at Podia’s website, you will see that they have extensive and fully optimized pages about their biggest competitors. The comparisons are made directly – the pages talk about how the Podia...

What is the Second Mover Advantage in Content Marketing


When you Google something, the top results usually contain some links that are terribly out of date. If you want to seal the deal and get your share of 68% online experiences, then you need to take a long and hard look at the situation. The second-mover advantage is something that is very prevalent in the world of SEO and economics. It can be defined as the benefits you reap by moving into an...

The Idea Farm: Learn The Art Of Sowing, Growing, And Harvesting Great Blog Post Ideas


Have you ever tried finding out what can be great blog post ideas? Many bloggers claim that they have written blogs but fail to gain the right audience. It’s because they do not give a thought of knowing about blog post ideas. That’s why; here is a massive list pulling out all the exclusive ideas that experts use in their website. It will give you a way to enhance your blog writing...

Niche Down To Scale Up: A Case Study In Ecommerce Content Marketing


Content marketing has a huge role to play in eCommerce companies. Firms like BigCommerce, WooCommerce, Shopify, etc., always dominate the search results by uploading thousands of articles. Ecommerce content marketing helps companies to enhance brand recognition and domain authority. But for that, the smartest thing you must do is stop competing when you are there against strong companies. ...

This is What Content Marketing Looks Like In A Crisis


The COVID-19 crisis has definitely shaken up things considerably and has changed the entire world for generations to come. Industries all over the world have been affected sorely by the crisis and the lives of ordinary people have changed as well. In this kind of scenario, how a brand reaches out to its audience is very important. Companies have to figure out the best ways to take care of their...

Technical Content: a Strategy Blueprint for SaaS Companies


Developers can be a very tricky demographic to sell to, especially if you are someone who is not that well-versed in technical content yourself. Most marketers are unable to understand what it is that developers are looking for – and as a result, are unable to provide them with the right answers. Before you proceed, you have to know the best ways in which you can reach out and communicate...

How to Succeed as a Content Team of One


Content marketing can be a very lonely task, even in some of the biggest companies in the world. When organizations grow in scale, the teams that are affected by the change generally include development and sales. Marketing and content creation lags behind – in fact, even in some of the world’s largest companies, the marketing team is nothing but a skeleton crew. Even if the company has a...

Everybody Wants Thought Leadership Content. But How Do You Do It, Exactly?


The content marketing strategy of your company depends on your team’s ability to create awesome content. Becoming a thought leader is not easy, and a lot of effort is required. Every company’s objective is to create content that can garner higher conversions and engagement. Here is how you can exactly do Thought Leadership Content. About Thought Leadership Content It helps to build the audience’s...

The Dos And Don’ts Of Utilizing The Power Of Internal Linking


Deploying internal links helps in adding value to the webpage, and it is also an excellent SEO strategy. Two of its significant advantages are: It offers your content with search engine acknowledgment. It hooks up users on your site. You should avoid using internal links hither and thither; they should naturally blend into the content to shed light on the topic’s in-depth details. You can...

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