Keeping The Urge To Please In Check


In this pandemic, we have been clear about a few things, and one amongst them is how we approach risks. Some people may be interested to do everything simply, while others opt for in-person gatherings. People-pleasing might sound like a good feature, but there is a dark side as well. Probably, saying yes to everything that you might not want to do can lead to depression. At times, it’s natural to say no to others and learn to do so with kindness as it makes sense. 

Some people think that when they please someone, they are disappointing them more. Saying NO needs confidence, and I think we should only accept things that we can do. Most importantly, the first thing people-pleasers must do is reorient their relationship. There is no need to do something to be ‘somebody else’ that you are probably not. 

I would say that it is essential, to be honest with you, and I do not prefer to do things that I am not comfortable with. I always trust my instincts and believe in doing what I love to do. Also, know that you might disappoint some people when you say no, but at least you are being true to yourself! That’s quite important at the end of the day!

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