Risk Vs. Reward: How To Build A Diversified Content Portfolio


Great content marketing is similar to an investment portfolio. Many small investors think that several kinds of investments provide a different purpose. The same logic is applicable in Diversified Content Portfolios, so there is no one best kind of content marketing.

All topics, like search content, content lane, sales enablement, thought leadership have some weaker and stronger areas. Concentrating only on the latest marketing strategy can be like a critical step of risking all your shares, but less chance is there to work. However, more chances are there that it will not be so successful. 

What is a great Diversified Content Portfolio?

A great Diversified Content Portfolio includes content paired with specific business objectives and no relying on a single piece. Here, get to know about the three strengths of content marketing; thought leadership, search content, and sales enablement. 

  1. Thought leadership 

It indicates content created by brands or people to increase the authority in an industry. If at any point, the search content gets weak, the thought leadership will be strong. It creates a human connection and builds brand affinity between the business and the reader. It works as the guiding principles of the company in a way that customers, employees, and prospects can understand.

Thought leadership permits organizations to write about big problems without thinking about the search optimization constraints. The traffic on thought leadership comes from an email newsletter, social media marketing, etc. 

  1. Search content 

Try publishing two search-optimized blogs or articles per week, and it is guaranteed you will start receiving organic traffic. It is the primary growth engine, and by targeting the right keyword, companies can start growing their website traffic. It is found that the performance of a piece of content starts generating traffic when it is life for at least half a year. To reach would-be purchasers, it is always recommended to target long-tailed keywords. 

  1. Sales enablement 

It is designed to enhance the sales process by using product comparisons, case studies, and stories of customers. Thought leadership and search content have unique primary distribution channels. But the sales enablement is distributed by the sales team. For content to offer a higher return on investment, two crucial objects are thought leadership and search content.

In the end, the higher ROI will only result in sales. Sales-related content is focused on the success stories of customers. To grow the audience, the enforcement of the sale will navigate towards a better purchasing decision. 

In the end 

The right mix of content marketing types in the Diversified Content Portfolio can help your business to grow. It helps in receiving the traffic, increase engagement, and build brand awareness. The right strategy will change the way companies grow with your priorities. The wrong approach is to pick up a single type of content, and you should avoid doing so. Remember that, like investments, it is essential that content marketing should be diversified. Hopefully, with that, you can understand the need to create a diversified content portfolio. 

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