4 Types of Data Content That Any Company Can Write


One of the most useful and effective ways in which you can connect with your target audience is by publishing content that they can relate to. The goal of your content should provide some sort of value to your readers. The value of data content cannot be overstated, and you need to leverage it for success. More than 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing and you need to know about the various types of content that you can create.

  1. Public Data: First things first, the easiest and most accessible source of data is public data. This is data taken directly from research conducted by some other company or academician. The public data content is not super exciting, but you can go a long way by unearthing key insights. By analyzing public data and reaching your own conclusions, you can provide your reader with some key insights that they had not thought of before. While many people find numbers a very tedious concept, it is smart to utilize the full potential that public data can have for your needs.
  2. Proprietary Data Content: To be honest, the best data that you can write about is always going to be the one that you own. If you have access to proprietary data, you can analyze it and learn a lot of valuable information. These insights can be very helpful indeed. You should also remember to update your data on a regular basis. Data-driven content is a thing that needs to keep changing with the times. If your writing and insights are stagnant, then your traffic and ROI will not improve. Refreshed data content can bring in lots of new readers.
    Data Content
  3. Experimental Data: The best way in which you can create content that speaks to your reader base is by conducting experiments. Experimental data can provide solid, factual insights that can be used to improve the quality of products and services. This kind of data can be descriptive or analytical. You do not always have to have a fixed goal in mind while running experiments. Experiments can generally be run for fun as well. In fact, experiments are a great way for companies to reach out and engage directly with their demographic. You can show why your product has value.
  4. Survey Data: For small and medium-sized companies, the easiest type of data within your reach is survey data. All you need to do is make a survey on Google Forms and spread the link via social media. Data collection for survey data is also a very simple task. You can control the questions as well – which allows you to have a lot of say in the overall quality of the data. There are minimum cleaning and parsing – all you have to do is analyze and get the insights. Surveys can also reveal insights about a larger client base.

These are the four main types of data content that you can explore. Depending on your needs and resources, you can choose any of these options and do something valuable.

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