Bloggers and Influencers: Why you need them for your networking


When you list the ways of promoting your brand or building your audience, don’t count on just the social media and link-building strategies. Adding a few bloggers or influencers on board can actually help you reach out to a wider audience and also come up with better content in collaboration

The best thing about influencers is that they already have a ready pool of audience. The figures that you see are the active subscribers. Rest assures that there are more people who silently follow the blogger without subscribing. So when you collaborate, you are simply benefitting from this huge body of potential customers. 

Bloggers and InfluencersThese bloggers or influencers as they call them, have established a personal rapport with their existing audience. It’s amazing how they are able to promote a product without any directly pitching. They simply talk about a product claiming to have used it and their followers are willing to give it a try! The followers trust their influencers and will start trusting you too. 

When the bloggers backlink you, Google recognizes it to be an organic way of ranking high in the SERP. Add more bloggers to your team and more will be your link building. 

The last tip; the top bloggers are approached by multiple brands. So make an impression, earn their trust and work in a healthy collaboration that will benefit you both. 

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