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If you are setting up a new blog, then you should have some clear traffic goals in place. This will let you understand how well you are doing, and allocate your resources in the most efficient way possible. Big and well-established blogs have tons of data to fall upon, but small blogs don’t have all of these resources at their disposal. Here are some insights from a content marketing benchmark report that will help you set some realistic blogging goals.

  1. Try to Grow Traffic by 6% Every Month: One of the most realistic goals that you should strive for is to grow your traffic by at least 6% each month. The median compound growth rate for small blogs is 5.92%, which is the bare minimum that you need. It might not sound like a very big deal, but a compounded growth rate of 6% monthly is going to translate into a 88% CAGR over the year. This is a realistic goal for blogs that have a few 1000 page views. By refreshing content, you can attain this goal.
  2. Try to Grow Organic Traffic by 8% Every Month: One of the major traffic goals you should try for is to grow your organic traffic by 8% every month. Over a year, the blogs that are smallest in size can actually enjoy a compound monthly growth rate of 8%. Just like the previous goal, 8% would not seem like a very big deal. However, over the entire course of the year, your blog’s level of organic traffic is going to grow by 136%. You’ll be able to effectively double your annual traffic levels within the time span of a year.
  3. Aim to Get At Least 45,000 Pageviews in a Year: Traffic goals can be hard to chart. That is why measurable metrics like pageviews are so important. If your blog is small(ish) in size, then you should aim for at least 45,000 pageviews over the year. It is natural for small and medium-sized blogs to grow a little over the course of time. All in all, you should strive for an end goal of 45,000 pageviews over the entire year. Allocate all of your SEO resources so that you can properly achieve this goal.
  4. Get At Least 11% Traffic Goals from Organic Results: SEO is a major aspect of blogging. It is a realistic goal to have at least 11% of your inbound traffic come from organic origins. This is the main reason why it is so important to invest in proper SEO. At least 68% of all online experiences start with a simple Google search, which is why you have to allocate a lot of resources to proper SEO. Appearing on the first page of organic results can have a staggering effect on the legitimacy and popularity of your small blog website.

These are the 4 most important traffic goals that you should try to achieve within the scope of a year. These will help you to grow your blog and website in a measurable, healthy way.

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