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So many potential writers out there are not sure about how to find their way into the world of articles, and no school can possibly teach you how to earn your living from your writing skills. The ones established now have all groped their way up the ladder and we know that it has been a tough time. The few ‘How To’s in this blog might help you start off as a professional article writer.

  • Decide on your mode of working: Are you willing to share the risks and flexibilities of a freelancer or would you rather prefer the safety net of a regular paycheque? It’s for you to decide.
  • Decide your niche: Every industry under the sun needs a writer today. You can, of course, be flexible to work on multiple genres, or you can pick your area of comfort and expertise and focus on writing articles in that particular niche.

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  • Make a portfolio: When you go hunting for work, be it as a freelancer or as a job seeker, it is wise to be ready with an impressive portfolio. Start off with a few prized articles and keep adding more along the way. If you have written somewhere as a guest blogger, or have published anything anywhere, put it in your portfolio. You will need a lot of such ready samples to stand out in the crowd.
  • Where to find work: Fortunately, these days there are a number of websites like Freelancer, Upwork, Linked In, or Scripted where an unbelievable amount of work is available. You can bid there or apply for the writing assignments in your area of interest. Join communities and make use of social media to let your contacts know about the writing services that you offer.
  • Tools you’ll need along the way: No matter how good a writer you are, creating an article for the web would mean making use of certain tools and apps. Rule out your typos and grammatical errors with tools like Grammarly. When you are running out of synonyms, don’t hesitate to look up the Thesaurus. 

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