How to Measure the Value of Your Subscribers


It is assumed by certain business owners that a customer is created when a person makes a purchase of a product or solution they provide. But when you make a one-time sale, you can never assume that you have actually gained a customer. Simultaneously, businesses can create a customer who hasn’t made any purchase of any of their products and services by determining the value of subscribers. It is said that it is the customers who determine what a business actually can be as they are the ones who are willing to pay the business owners for the goods and services they have to offer. Good marketing can add value to the investments of the customers and that can bring revenue to your business. But, every investment from customers does not mean purchase rather it can bring certain other information like time, attention, referral, brand loyalty, personal data, etc.

What is marketing value? 

In the modern world of business, marketers are measured by their ability to determine the
value of subscribers and take them through the various stages that can increase value to their business and who can be considered as customers. A quality lead is considered more valuable than a visitor, similarly, a sales opportunity is more valuable than a quality lead and a sale stands at the top of everything. The marketing value is then calculated by dividing the total amount spent by the sum of the revenue created at the gate of each stage. 

What is the value of a subscriber?

Similar to valuing companies, determining the value of subscribers can be quite complex for even the media companies where it is practiced more often. Knowing the real value to the audience’s investment of time, data, loyalty, engagement, and attention can impact in a certain way regarding what we do with their participation. By exploring the audience valuation can help you in applying a monetary value to certain other parts of your business.

How to engage subscriber asset value?

value of subscribersThe net present value by audiences can vary from time to time as it is often noticed that you have small audiences, but they are engaged and take actions to help you in achieving your goal. Again sometimes, the audiences are bigger, but they are unengaged and are no help to you. So, you must evaluate your audiences based on their activities performed.

The value of subscribers is considered as a model that can increase or decrease customers’ lifetime value. So, to engage subscriber asset value, measure the difference between the paths the subscribers take to help you achieve a more efficient or effective sales goal. Some subscribers will also cross over the traditional marketing process and when this is done, their value is determined by the difference between the cost of acquiring the lead through traditional methods versus the audience development method. But it can be concluded that as the number of subscribers increase, it can generate more leads and can also provide high-quality data when any customer makes some purchase.

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