The Pandemic Doesn’t Mean That You Shouldn’t Get Paid


The economic meltdown can be a major spoiler for your raise and paycheque this year. But if you look closer, the pandemic is actually opening new doors for you to prove your worth. 

While your company is facing tough times, you can be the one to find viable solutions. Be the one who suggests alternative business avenues or keeps the customer relationship alive. In a nutshell, be the one whom your company cannot do without. 

Be informed and be vocal when you discuss your contributions to the business. 

If a cash raise is not possible in the given scenario, don’t hesitate to ask for other benefits. What about reimbursement or a step up the ladder? 

If you are worth it, the pandemic will not be an excuse for your compensation. The trick is to make your worth known and to negotiate in the right way. 

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Divya Gandotra

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