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Yes, You Should Talk About Your Competitors. But Why?


If you take a look at the websites of some of the most successful companies or platforms in the world, you will see that they devote a lot of space to talk about competitors. For example, if you look at Podia’s website, you will see that they have extensive and fully optimized pages about their biggest competitors. The comparisons are made directly – the pages talk about how the Podia...

How Can You Manage Your Business/Brand’s Online Reputation Effectively?


Online reputation management can seem daunting and intimidating because there are so many websites and social media platforms where your business can be mentioned. It is very difficult to police all of those mentions at the same time. Here are some great strategies which you can use for effective ORM. Answer customer doubts promptly: The best way to do ORM is so mitigate negative reviews before...

The Pandemic Doesn’t Mean That You Shouldn’t Get Paid


The economic meltdown can be a major spoiler for your raise and paycheque this year. But if you look closer, the pandemic is actually opening new doors for you to prove your worth.  While your company is facing tough times, you can be the one to find viable solutions. Be the one who suggests alternative business avenues or keeps the customer relationship alive. In a nutshell, be the one whom your...

What the post Covid months have taught me about job seeking


With so many people losing their jobs due to the pandemic, my friends have started a resume editing service where I have been helping for the last two months. What I thought to be a minor touch-up job turned out to be a different game as most resumes we received actually required a lot more than a touch-up. The most common resume lapses that I observed is that they are –       Too long     ...

Remote Interviews and How to Crack Them


The pandemic may be ruling our lives right now, but companies are still recruiting and you would be wrong to step back just because you are not confident about facing the recruiters in the virtual world.  Online interviews are the new normal today. But the competition is steep, and if you are trying to convince a recruiter, then there are a few things that can be your game changer.  Have a CV...

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