Tips To Make Your Content Mobile Friendly


Different search engines might show varied results on desktops and mobile devices. And as it is the ‘mobile-era,’ you have to align your website, content, and SEO strategies accordingly. I have listed below a few tips which will help you make your content mobile-focused.


  • Readers do not have patience, so make your content and website catchy so that it does not take much time to load.
  • You have to ensure that your website works on mobile devices. The themes and the platform that you host your site in should be compatible with such devices.
  • It will be helpful if you create a website that is responsive and serves dynamic purposes.
  • It will be best to select a theme that offers tabbed content to make your content mobile-friendly. It makes it convenient for users to relate.
  • As mentioned earlier, online readers lack patience; hence, keeping content snappy and brief will be more beneficial.
    make your content mobile friendly
  • Also, do not write long paragraphs. Remember, most of us do not like reading books without spaces and pictures? Hence, break the paragraphs after every 3 to 5 sentences so that there is white space in between and it doesn’t seem to be too lengthy to read. 
  • Lastly, make your content scannable. The user must be able to comprehend it really quick while scrolling his screen.

Conclusion :

So, creating content that is ‘mobile-first’ is not tough at all. You only have to think from the readers’ perspective to serve them the type of site and content they prefer. Hence, following the tips mentioned above will help you rank in mobile searches.

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