Why too much content is an enemy for your brand?


Quantity or quality? The eternal debate holds true for content writing too. There was a time when heavy content was preferred for ranking well in the search engine because more volume meant more keywords. 

This myth is, however, busted now as Google lays more weight on the quality of the content than on its size. Given that the attention span of a reader is dangerously low, most of the content probably goes unnoticed as the reader moves on to check out a cute baby video rather than reading your entire article. 

If I consider myself to be an audience, I find myself overwhelmed with the amount of information to be processed. I would rather prefer a concise version that sums up what I want to know. 

too much content is an enemyWhen a page is left half-read by most readers, the smart search engines interpret the page to be not relevant enough. The result; lower rank in the SERP in spite of all the keyword research. 

In an attempt to write more, most brands make the mistake of repeating themselves. This will confuse and bore the audience and be a major blunder for content marketing. 

My strategy of content marketing is to speak less and convey more. What needs more attention is updating an existing page. Rather than adding words, you need to add new links, images, CTA buttons, and optimized keywords. 

too much content is an enemyYour target as a content marketer will be to create the greatest possible impact. So forget the old school rush about writing volumes and focus on good content instead. 

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