Yes, You Should Talk About Your Competitors. But Why?


If you take a look at the websites of some of the most successful companies or platforms in the world, you will see that they devote a lot of space to talk about competitors. For example, if you look at Podia’s website, you will see that they have extensive and fully optimized pages about their biggest competitors. The comparisons are made directly – the pages talk about how the Podia product is way better and costs much less than the competitors.

Many companies bury their head in the sand and refuse to acknowledge that their competitors do exist, in fact. While this can seem like an attractive and non-confrontational course of action in the short run, it is not a good idea if you’re seeking long-term growth. If you talk about competitors, you can let your potential customers weigh all their options in the same space.

Here are some reasons why a lot of businesses avoid talking about their competitors.

Fear of Losing Business: Many businesses are scared that their clients are going to be poached by the competitor if they do a side-by-side comparison. This is a paranoid fear because this situation is far from likely. If you just bury your head in the sand, then you are not really protecting yourself from their influence on your business.

Comparison Disadvantage: Another big reason why many companies don’t really talk about competitors is the fact that their own features would not measure up favorably against their competitors. If this is the case, you can work on one feature that is your product’s selling point. You can then work on this feature and outshine all of the competitor products.

To Talk About Competitors Isn’t a Priority: Many business executives give this as an excuse when asked the question. Even if you think that this is not a priority, it actually is. Encouraging direct comparison with all of your competitors will let clients see why your product is better. You are essentially making their task much easier for them.

Not a Classy Move: Many companies say that dismissing competitors in public is not a very classy move. They want to take the “high road”, and they don’t want to “stoop” to a low level. Instead of talking about competitors in a demeaning way, your website can simply function as a helpful guide that can influence your customers’ decisions.

It doesn’t help: The final criticism is that many executives do not see what they have to gain if they talk about competitors on their own website. If you talk about them, you can promote your own product and influence the choices of the readers. What you say also acts as a helpful guide that your readers can use.

All in all, these are the top 5 reasons why people don’t like to talk about competitors. In fact, one can argue that these are the main reasons why you definitely should talk about them. It gives you a great opportunity to paint your business in the best possible light. 

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