The Idea Farm: Learn The Art Of Sowing, Growing, And Harvesting Great Blog Post Ideas


Have you ever tried finding out what can be great blog post ideas? Many bloggers claim that they have written blogs but fail to gain the right audience. It’s because they do not give a thought of knowing about blog post ideas. That’s why; here is a massive list pulling out all the exclusive ideas that experts use in their website. It will give you a way to enhance your blog writing, following which you can come up with excellent content. 

  • Great blog post ideas: Use Answer the Public

To find the basic keyword idea, use Answer the Public, and with that, you can have hundreds of results depending on what people look for according to location. It is one of the great blog post ideas playing the best role of keyword research tips. For example, if you type Cafe Coffer Day on Google, it will give you options like Cafe Coffer Day menu, Cafe Coffer Day nutrition, Cafe Coffer Day special offer, etc. Accordingly, pick up one keyword and form a topic around it and upload that on your website. As a result, when users search with similar phrases, your content will pop up, and your site receives more traffic. 

  • Use Hub Spot’s Blog Topic Generatorgreat blog post ideas

By using HubSpot’s Blog Topic Generator, you can keep new blog ideas flowing. It is an ideal way, and once you are easy to use the tool, drop some nouns on the topic you wish to write. For example, suppose you want to write on “Facebook Marketing”. Type that on a search engine, and you will come across several options. It will give you some idea of how you can frame topics, what all things you can include, and various other things. 

  • To steal bog ideas: Use Buzz Sumo

In Buzz-sumo, you can paste the URL and get the details of the most trending topics over the past few days, hours, months, etc. Here you have the feasibility to filter the date, following which you can see the metrics. With that, you can know the topic where you should concentrate to compete with them. It is a great blog post idea, following which you can enjoy receiving huge audiences towards your website. When you write on such topics, more people will share your content at times, without even going through it. The tool also helps you know the number of shares on a particular topic, etc. 

  • Try questions into content ideas: Use Quora

great blog post ideas

  • Marketing becomes easy when you know what your audiences look for. An ideal way is to pick up questions from Quora and prepare content ideas on that. With that, when people look for topics, your website will pop up, giving them the required information.

In the end

Here are the great blog post ideas that will direct you to write content on specific topics. With that, you can start earning audiences towards your website, which you lack before. It is an excellent way to create all-new content. 

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