What the post Covid months have taught me about job seeking


With so many people losing their jobs due to the pandemic, my friends have started a resume editing service where I have been helping for the last two months. What I thought to be a minor touch-up job turned out to be a different game as most resumes we received actually required a lot more than a touch-up.

The most common resume lapses that I observed is that they are –

  •       Too long 
  •       Loaded with irrelevant information like things they have done in college for pocket money
  •       Went into unnecessary details about things like extra-curricular activities or school grades
  •       Had poor formatting showing lack of command over Microsoft Word

While I slogged with the mounting pile of resumes, the actual picture of the post-Covid job market became clearer to me. Undoubtedly so many industries have received the blow, but the picture is not all dark and sorry. There are areas where a chunk of employment is still going on.

Who are the major recruiters now?

The medical and health care sector naturally tops the list of recruiters and will surely continue to do so for some time.

The IT/Tech sector is still kicking, though the dynamics may have shifted to virtual working.

Marketing jobs are also in demand, probably because marketing needs a whole new perspective in the current situation.

post Covid job marketWho has cut down on recruitment?

The Hospitality industry of course has the maximum setback and recruitment is at an all-time low here.

Education and Law enforcement have also majorly cut down on their recruitment.

 With hundreds of resumes flowing in, it is obvious that finding a job is more than a challenge now. However, I believe that a well-drafted resume and focus on the right sector should do the trick of securing a job for you.  

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