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Grammar Rules for Putting a Comma Before But


Commas help every reader to look out for the words that go together within a sentence. It also helps to highlight the important words of a sentence. It can be confusing at times to find out where to place a comma before ‘but’. First, you must know that ‘but is a conjunction used to join two words or sentences. In some exceptional cases, ‘but can be used without a comma in a sentence. Here are...

Unlocking Internal Knowledge Is Actually A Great Content Strategy


Companies receiving more and excellent customer service are four times more likely considered as loyal brands than others being treated poorly. Each positive experience that you are giving to your customer creates new opportunities. It helps in building long-term relationships and enhancing customer retention. A great content strategy must always be your top priority. And includes several...

How to Tailor Your Content to Rank in Voice Searches


Voice searches are automated programs based on artificial intelligence. It provides virtual assistance to people within a fraction of seconds. It is the action of giving a vocal speech to inquire command or ask about something. With the increase in digitization, business organizations are adopting methods to get their website and brand recognized through voice searches. More than 25% of the...

Content Writers Can Improve Their Content Writing For SEO By Following These Techniques


When your job is content writing, your main responsibility is to attract more readers. But it is often said that the art of reading is vanishing slowly. The art of reading needs a lot of patience and contemplation, but these days people are more impatient. So, no one knows whom to make responsible for the loss of the charm of this art, the readers or the writers. Most of the readers have their...

Tips to climb the Mountain of Data-Driven Content


People tend to get more into articles that are data-driven. Websites with Data-driven content are successful in gaining a top place in the list of results in any search engine. What is data-driven content? Data-driven contents are blogs and articles which offer their readers data and information which are available nowhere else. This creation of absolute new content results in good traffic to...

Find (Evergreen) Content Topics That Pass The Test Of Time


The Evergreen content is a type of content, which remains valid for a long time. This means the content will remain timeless and will attract plenty of readers. Evergreen Contents also has the power to increase the growth of social media shareability, traffic, leads, and associated revenues over time. These types of content also stand out as the main part of all the well-crafted marketing...

Quick Look at the Skills a Content Writer Should Have?


The fate of a business these days depends totally on online marketing and it is the duty of the content writers to create proper content for marketing. Content writers make strategies and write quality content for the promotion of a specific business. You must have certain skills as a content writer as the business is depending a lot on you for the purpose of online marketing. You should have the...

Tips for a New Content Writer


If you think that your job ends at cooking up fine content, you are clearly mistaken. A content creator these days needs to bring much more to the table.  With a mind-boggling number of articles being published every minute on social media platforms and blogs, a writer today has to literally wrestle for attention. Your target audience is spoilt for choice and with an average on-screen attention...

Skills Every Content Writer Should Possess


Content writers have an integral part to play in building the image of a company. Behind writing content, these professionals have to employ plans that are strategically designed to promote the brand. It is essential that these content writers possess particular skills to master this art.  If you are a beginner and looking to develop yourself, this is the right piece of information for you. We...

Low Effort, High Impact Content Ideas You Can Use


The time we spend thinking before creating content puts a great impact on the quality of the content With good thinking or high-affected content ideas, simple content can attract a lot of views. Whereas, many people often ignore long clumsy content.  A writer may have a lot of pressure on him or her, considering the deadline, launches, and other daily works they have besides creating the perfect...

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