How To Write A Press Release In 2021


Press Releases have been around for over 100 years. They are a great way to get your company or idea out into the world. But as time goes on, they seem to be less and less effective at generating traffic. Why is this? There are many reasons, but we will explore some of them in this blog post. Read on to know How to Write a Press Release That Gets Results (2021).

What Is A Press Release?

A press release is a short text on behalf of an organization or individual that provides information about the person, company, or service. Press releases are typically issued in response to new developments such as product launches, record-breaking events, and major announcements from companies. They can also be used for more mundane purposes like announcing office moves, retirements, etc.

How to Write a Press Release That Gets Results (2021)?

Mentioned below are the steps to write a press release that is effective.

Step 1: Start With A Newsworthy Item

Journalists are uninterested in writing about your business or brand. They are only interested in important information that enhances their credibility and provides value to their magazine. Fortunately, doing anything noteworthy isn’t as complicated as it appears. For example, if you have an extensive email list, you might conduct a poll on a relevant topic, publish the findings in an article, and issue a press release.

Step 2: Write A Compelling Headline

Write A Press Release In 2021

Every day, journalists get hundreds of press releases from numerous sources. However, they only read those that appear to be intriguing and useful. This is why it’s critical to get the headline of your PR correctly. According to studies, eight out of ten individuals read only the headline material.

Step 3: Drive Clicks With Your Sub-Headline Text

The majority of press release headlines include a little text excerpt that describes what’s within. It’s similar to the meta description Google displays in its results pages. You may use the sub-headline to convince journalists to read your press release. Use it to build on your headline and provide additional information while maintaining the advantage of the chance.

Step 4: For The Body Content, Use The Inverted Pyramid Model

The inverted pyramid model is a common newspaper reporting style that places the most relevant information at the story’s beginning. Forget formal introductions and irrelevant details. Give the audience how this press release is essential, whom it would be for, and how it will affect its intended audience.

Step 5: Include A Relevant QuoteWrite A Press Release In 2021

Please include at least one quotation from a prominent leader from your firm to provide journalists with genuine material to cover in their news reports. The quotation should summarise the key points of your press release and their significance.

Step 6: Format Your Press Release For Easy Skimming

Nobody enjoys reading long passages of text.

Keep the following formatting suggestions in mind to ensure that journalists read your press release all the way through.

  • Write in brief paragraphs of no more than 2-3 lines.
  • Try to keep your press release to no more than five sentences.
  • In the body content, include original quotes.
  • When possible, use bulleted lists.
  • Include a related image, graphic, or other visual aid.

Step 7: Include your contact information

It is usual practice to add an About section after a press release, along with your contact information, so journalists may contact you if they have any concerns.

We hope that this guide has been helpful for you. Follow the steps mentioned above to write an effective press release to have more significant results.

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