5 Underused Ways to Get Better Content Ideas


Finding the best ideas in order to put in the buyer’s perspectives and assuming them as your customers might sound quite easy, but executing them might be some of the toughest jobs. Unless and until you make your share of research, you can never assume a person to be your customer. There are certain less-used channels that people mostly consider as non-obvious sources, but they can be considered as great content ideas that can bring you the maximum number of potential customers. 

  • Job descriptions:

    Your business might have staff in various roles and titles. You can make proper use of those in order to dig deeper and even look on the internet or job descriptions. The job descriptions generally include the field of performance, Key Performance Indicator (KPI), and who they report to in the organization. Based on this information, the general counsel can determine the KPIs depending on the quality and quantity of the contract, cost of litigation or legal spending of the business, and the total amount for fines in unmitigated case risks. Knowing these things can help you in providing great content ideas to educate your targeted customers and help them in generating hassle-free contracts quickly and that too in a small legal budget.

  • Follow industry leaders on LinkedIn:

    Try to follow industry leaders who are active on LinkedIn as their posts might be the latest insights in your industry. You can also check the comments on their posts to know about the hot topics and if you find any comment valuable for your content, then ask for their permission to publish them. This can also help you in building strong relationships with the strong players of the industry.

  • Sales call:

    5 Underused Ways to Get Better Content Ideas

    Try to join the sales team for certain demos and calls. Listen to the pains, issues, and points of frustration of your prospects. Note the keywords that are used by your prospects for making searches relating to the products and services offered by you. It is considered a great content idea to create contents that include the exact keywords used by them and address their issues directly in the intros.

  • Customer service:

    Another most important thing that can provide you with huge benefits is having a strong customer support team. The customer support staff are the people who remain in direct contact with the customers almost throughout the day. They can provide you with the best information regarding the customer’s insight and their requirements.

  • Webinars:

    These days, interactive webinars are considered great content ideas as the hosts usually pre-surveys as well as encourage questions to make various discussions to know about the attendees. Besides you can also create as well as reuse certain content directly from your webinars. And with the help of webinars, you can get first-hand reactions from the audiences and also their insights. These are considered as some of the great content ideas that can bring a noticeable change to your business.

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