Tips to Choose a Marketing Automation Platform


Marketing Automation is the process that uses software technology to automatically perform your marketing operations such as sending email, collecting and analyzing databases, and many more. It is beneficial to both e-commerce business and digital marketing. This process enhances a 14.5% increase in the sales productivity of a business. It is a collection of tools used for automated execution of events such as lead scoring, email, text messaging, and a wide range of contents, communication, and many more.

Tips to Get the Best Marketing Automation Platform:

Tips to Choose a Marketing Automation Platform
There are few tips through which you can choose the right
marketing automation platform for you. Some of them are:

  • User Interface Platform:

    Make sure to check if the platform is easy to access or not. Look out for the user interface design. You must be transparent about the user interface of the platform. Getting clear navigation options for your platform is crucial. Try to access your email and analytics through the platform to check its navigation system. A good user interface platform will boost up your speed and efficiency of work.

  • Native Integration with Additional Features:

    Various marketing automation platforms offer features different from each other. So be sure and assertive towards the selection of the platform that will meet your feature criteria requirements. It can even be preferred to integrate your existing technology with a new platform. Do thorough research and make a list of your features based on priority. This will help you to choose the platform you truly need. Check if the platform can natively integrate with your existing technology or not. This will save a lot of your time for data transmission. If you want to create custom assets, then look for an API system in your platform.

  • Customer Support Service:

    Advancement to new technology platforms requires special attention for queries and help. You may find problems with its access or some feature that will require special assistance or support. So be sure to choose a marketing automation platform with technical support and assistance. Look out for human support instead of artificial intelligence. See if your platform provides 24/7 customer support or not. Customer support is a vital criterion for resolving your technical and accessibility issues with the platform.

  • Availability of Online Resources:

    Tips to Choose a Marketing Automation PlatformYou must see if the platform consists of any online resources in the form of a manual book or not. This is beneficial to provide guidance about the use, implementation, and techniques related to the platform. Some new platforms offer video resources to make you an advanced user of that platform. Look out for resources that are free and easy to access.

  • Pricing Structure:

    You must compare the pricing structure of different platforms and choose the best one. Look out for the base price of the platform and the contacts you will get from it. Also, check for the speed of your database scale. Look for the platform that offers the minimum possible price with all of your necessary features.

Ending Note:

From the extensive guide, it can be summarized that you must choose your marketing automation platform wisely and carefully. Make sure to check these tips before choosing the platform. 

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