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This is What Content Marketing Looks Like In A Crisis


The COVID-19 crisis has definitely shaken up things considerably and has changed the entire world for generations to come. Industries all over the world have been affected sorely by the crisis and the lives of ordinary people have changed as well. In this kind of scenario, how a brand reaches out to its audience is very important. Companies have to figure out the best ways to take care of their...

Technical Content: a Strategy Blueprint for SaaS Companies


Developers can be a very tricky demographic to sell to, especially if you are someone who is not that well-versed in technical content yourself. Most marketers are unable to understand what it is that developers are looking for – and as a result, are unable to provide them with the right answers. Before you proceed, you have to know the best ways in which you can reach out and communicate...

How to Succeed as a Content Team of One


Content marketing can be a very lonely task, even in some of the biggest companies in the world. When organizations grow in scale, the teams that are affected by the change generally include development and sales. Marketing and content creation lags behind – in fact, even in some of the world’s largest companies, the marketing team is nothing but a skeleton crew. Even if the company has a...

Everybody Wants Thought Leadership Content. But How Do You Do It, Exactly?


The content marketing strategy of your company depends on your team’s ability to create awesome content. Becoming a thought leader is not easy, and a lot of effort is required. Every company’s objective is to create content that can garner higher conversions and engagement. Here is how you can exactly do Thought Leadership Content. About Thought Leadership Content It helps to build the audience’s...

The Dos And Don’ts Of Utilizing The Power Of Internal Linking


Deploying internal links helps in adding value to the webpage, and it is also an excellent SEO strategy. Two of its significant advantages are: It offers your content with search engine acknowledgment. It hooks up users on your site. You should avoid using internal links hither and thither; they should naturally blend into the content to shed light on the topic’s in-depth details. You can...

Risk Vs. Reward: How To Build A Diversified Content Portfolio


Great content marketing is similar to an investment portfolio. Many small investors think that several kinds of investments provide a different purpose. The same logic is applicable in Diversified Content Portfolios, so there is no one best kind of content marketing. All topics, like search content, content lane, sales enablement, thought leadership have some weaker and stronger areas...

Take Charge, Be A Voice Of Reason And Keep Publishing


With the strike of the COVID 19 pandemic, 2020 has been a hard year for most people no matter whether he is a businessman or some other professional. But amid all the crises and challenging situations, some businessmen managed to stand upright and kept on doing good business. The businessmen who made proper marketing of their products and services, who kept on publishing contents on their...

How Can You Manage Your Business/Brand’s Online Reputation Effectively?


Online reputation management can seem daunting and intimidating because there are so many websites and social media platforms where your business can be mentioned. It is very difficult to police all of those mentions at the same time. Here are some great strategies which you can use for effective ORM. Answer customer doubts promptly: The best way to do ORM is so mitigate negative reviews before...

Unemployment Level in the Post-Covid Months: The Silver Lining We Are Looking At


The post-covid months had seen a steep rise in the unemployment rate, but with things normalizing now, the rate of unemployment is again falling to almost the pre-covid level. In spite of the economists fearing a difficult recovery, it is clear now that the country is almost back on track when it comes to finding employment. Especially in the rural areas, where a massive number of migrant workers...

The Pandemic Doesn’t Mean That You Shouldn’t Get Paid


The economic meltdown can be a major spoiler for your raise and paycheque this year. But if you look closer, the pandemic is actually opening new doors for you to prove your worth.  While your company is facing tough times, you can be the one to find viable solutions. Be the one who suggests alternative business avenues or keeps the customer relationship alive. In a nutshell, be the one whom your...

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