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What Is Cloaking In SEO & Different Types Of Cloaking


Isn’t it true that we all desire our webpage or website to be top in a search engine’s results page? All we have to do is improve our website to make it appear deserving of a high position. However, Search Engine Optimization is a slow process, and we do not want to wait. To leap into the top results of a SERP, a more straightforward option is to utilize “Black Hat SEO...

7 Tips for the Perfect Title Tag


The title tag is the most important element on a webpage and you must know How to write a title tag. That’s because it tells search engines what your site is about, and gives people who are browsing the web an idea of what to expect before they click on your link. With that in mind, you should always take time to make sure that this detail reflects accurately what your website has to offer...

Maintain Your Brand’s Online Image Because People JUDGE a LOT!


It is an undeniable fact that shoppers on the internet judge a service based on customer feedback and reviews. Even before they decide to order food online or buy something on Amazon, people are definitely going to check the rating and reviews of the product. This is the exact same for businesses and services as well. People are definitely going to go through your feedback before they elicit your...

8 Tips to be a Pro in Content Marketing


Most brands today resort to content marketing as a strategic and effective approach towards marketing themselves. Let’s face it, content marketing is more effective in terms of cost and results when compared to traditional marketing. If you are looking for a career in marketing, this is definitely an area to consider seriously. So what are the skills that can make you an ace content marketer...

Grammar Rules for Putting a Comma Before But


Commas help every reader to look out for the words that go together within a sentence. It also helps to highlight the important words of a sentence. It can be confusing at times to find out where to place a comma before ‘but’. First, you must know that ‘but is a conjunction used to join two words or sentences. In some exceptional cases, ‘but can be used without a comma in a sentence. Here are...

Unlocking Internal Knowledge Is Actually A Great Content Strategy


Companies receiving more and excellent customer service are four times more likely considered as loyal brands than others being treated poorly. Each positive experience that you are giving to your customer creates new opportunities. It helps in building long-term relationships and enhancing customer retention. A great content strategy must always be your top priority. And includes several...

What’s Next For OYO?


The COVID-19 pandemic has dealt a crippling blow to life as we know it. Hundreds of industries and businesses have been sorely affected by the disruptions caused by the pandemic. One of the worst affected sectors is the hospitality industry, which has been hit especially hard due to travel restrictions and social distancing. OYO is one of the primary businesses that have been severely affected by...

How to Tailor Your Content to Rank in Voice Searches


Voice searches are automated programs based on artificial intelligence. It provides virtual assistance to people within a fraction of seconds. It is the action of giving a vocal speech to inquire command or ask about something. With the increase in digitization, business organizations are adopting methods to get their website and brand recognized through voice searches. More than 25% of the...

Content Writers Can Improve Their Content Writing For SEO By Following These Techniques


When your job is content writing, your main responsibility is to attract more readers. But it is often said that the art of reading is vanishing slowly. The art of reading needs a lot of patience and contemplation, but these days people are more impatient. So, no one knows whom to make responsible for the loss of the charm of this art, the readers or the writers. Most of the readers have their...

Bloggers and Influencers: Why you need them for your networking


When you list the ways of promoting your brand or building your audience, don’t count on just the social media and link-building strategies. Adding a few bloggers or influencers on board can actually help you reach out to a wider audience and also come up with better content in collaboration.  The best thing about influencers is that they already have a ready pool of audience. The figures...

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