How To Convert Free Opt-In Trial Users Into Paying Customers.


There are innumerable people on this earth who mainly tend to use the services of a certain website only during the free trial period.  But as a business owner, it is important for you to make sure to convert free opt-in trial users into paid customers as that is where your revenue mainly comes from

Some ways to convert these free opt-in users into paying customers

Convert Free Opt-In Trial Users Into Paying Customers

  • Reduce the trial period: Most of the companies offer a maximum of 30 days of the trial period. But, remember one thing and that most of the users tend to make their mind within the first 3 days. Hence if you offer them a free trial period for too long, then they might change their minds. So, by shortening the trial period, you can also accelerate your sales in certain cases. So, it is best to provide a two-week free trial period as it would neither too short nor too long.
  • Send trial ending notices: Convert free opt-in trial users into paying customers by reminding them of “trial period ending” emails. You can also use automated email services as with these services, the emails are triggered mainly before one or two days of the end of the trial period. These mails generally notify the users that the trial period is ending and also provide a direct link to subscribe and make the payment. 
  • Create a user-friendly site: Never let your trial users leave your page and look for certain features the same as yours. If a trial user once logs out from your website, you can lose them forever. Make sure to maintain your site in a proper way and keep it user-friendly as it is an important way to boost conversations. Check each and every question posted by your customers and answer them in the most informative way. You can also answer certain questions in video format as this can let the users with an easy walk-through. 
  • Provide special offers: Providing special subscription offers during certain periods of the year is considered an effective way to convert free opt-in users to paying customers. You can also provide coupons through other websites to offer your free trial users a discounted price for the first few months. In order to create a sense of scarcity, also provide an end date for your discount so that people get aware that it is a limited-time offer. 
  1. Keep in mind your Call-To-Action placement: There are certain differences between reminding your customers about their end of the free trial period and annoying them during the time when your trial is no longer usable. So, make sure that you are reminding the users at the correct time so that it is neither too early nor too late for them to make a decision. 

So, these are some of the ways you can follow to convert free opt-in trial users into permanent paying customers.

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