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5 Ways in which Content Marketing can help build links


In order to stay high on the SERP, your site would need some solid links. Good content marketing has proved to be the best way of earning effective links which can help you with SEO and also bring some traffic to your page.  If it is possible to do some research in your industry, go ahead. Not only will you gather valuable knowledge, but you can also build links when you share your findings with...

First Steps to Becoming an Article Writer


So many potential writers out there are not sure about how to find their way into the world of articles, and no school can possibly teach you how to earn your living from your writing skills. The ones established now have all groped their way up the ladder and we know that it has been a tough time. The few ‘How To’s in this blog might help you start off as a professional article writer. Decide on...

Tips for a New Content Writer


If you think that your job ends at cooking up fine content, you are clearly mistaken. A content creator these days needs to bring much more to the table.  With a mind-boggling number of articles being published every minute on social media platforms and blogs, a writer today has to literally wrestle for attention. Your target audience is spoilt for choice and with an average on-screen attention...

3 Amazing Ways To Improve Marketing Writing Efficiency


Many people spend hours thinking about what to include to improve marketing writing efficiency. Marketing writing is effective as it increases traffic, real value, and enhances search engine rankings. Quality articles and blogs can help in building trust among audiences and enhance your ranks in SEO. Compared to paid advertisements, increasing a rank on search engine pages is five times more...

Return on investment (ROIs) from blog


These days most of the people on the earth have an internet connection and when you can access the internet, you can get any data and information you want very easily. It seems like data and information is floating everywhere on the internet, but it is your responsibility to grab the perfect information you need. Businesses also make proper use of these data to make gain and grow their businesses...

Leadership Accountability and why every leader needs it


Accountability is the thin line between a manager and a true leader. While the first one merely delegates, the latter has the acumen to share the accountability of his team in both ups and downs.  Why does a leader need to be accountable? Your title ‘leader’ says it all. You are the one leading your team and you are the one they are unconsciously observing and following. If you want your team to...

Skills Every Content Writer Should Possess


Content writers have an integral part to play in building the image of a company. Behind writing content, these professionals have to employ plans that are strategically designed to promote the brand. It is essential that these content writers possess particular skills to master this art.  If you are a beginner and looking to develop yourself, this is the right piece of information for you. We...

How To Write A Tweetstorm?


Do you want your tweetstorm to be successful? Well, who does not want that? The answer to a successful tweetstorm is your first tweet must encourage People to read the rest of the things. Without even reading the first tweet, There is no way people will go to the next ones. In that way, Your tweetstorm is losing a lot of audience. For someone who loves Twitter, Crafting an overview is a task, and...

Low Effort, High Impact Content Ideas You Can Use


The time we spend thinking before creating content puts a great impact on the quality of the content With good thinking or high-affected content ideas, simple content can attract a lot of views. Whereas, many people often ignore long clumsy content.  A writer may have a lot of pressure on him or her, considering the deadline, launches, and other daily works they have besides creating the perfect...

How Important is it to Update My Website Content Regularly?


In the world of digital marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a very important aspect. Did you know that a recent survey discovered that 68% of all online experiences begin with a Google search? Leveraging search engines will also promote growth. In fact, a study by Bright Edge has shown that SEO marketing drives 1000% more traffic than other organic social media. To make the most out of...

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