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Keeping The Urge To Please In Check


In this pandemic, we have been clear about a few things, and one amongst them is how we approach risks. Some people may be interested to do everything simply, while others opt for in-person gatherings. People-pleasing might sound like a good feature, but there is a dark side as well. Probably, saying yes to everything that you might not want to do can lead to depression. At times, it’s natural to...

Anatomy of a Powerful Content Strategy


Content is still an effective marketing strategy and is not something that you can do in just a few days. Creating powerful content needs extensive research, planning, and execution, in short, a proper strategy. According to stats related to 2020, more than 70% of marketers consider it as a key factor. It is said that content marketing is going to rule beyond 2020 as well.  1. About Content...

Brand Crisis? How your Social Media Communication Can Save the Day


As a brand, you will naturally try to make maximum communication with your audience. They are present all over your social media existence and interacting with them is of course a basic exercise that we all have to follow. But what happens when we face a crisis? As the face of your brand, your Social media response during a crisis can make or break the brand image and a lot depends on what and...

7 Common Grammar Mistakes that Spoil Our Write-ups


While we try to produce a top-notched piece of writing, we all end up making a few grammatical mistakes. Here are a few common errors that we can easily avert if we are careful.   Poor choice of adverbs: The quality of a writer depends a lot on the choice of words by the writer. We often tend to emphasize a verb or an adjective with words like very, too, really, so, etc. The write–up would...

Tips To Follow While Writing For SEO


Your SEO game has to be on point if you want to increase the traffic, engagement, and ranking of your content on different search engine results. So, to help you with it, I have listed below a few tips on how you can write content that is SEO-friendly. It would be great if you target the questions that the users ask on the topic you are writing about, with your engaging content.  It will help if...

8 Essential Tips For Writing Fantastic Infographic Copy


Infographics are a common and popular way of spreading information across people in a short time. The correct usage of text and images educates the reader on various issues and topics. Everyone is preparing infographics today, and if you want your infographic copy to be unique, it’s not going to be easy at all. Many marketers concentrate on the design aspect only, but equal attention must be...

What Is A Qualified Lead?


A qualified lead is someone, who can become a potential customer to a company depending on the information and criteria they have received. Most importantly, you should know that there is no specific criterion as it varies from one organization to the other. Also, clients raising their hand and interested to get more details are qualified leads. It means that cold prospecting or no purchased...

Online Reputation Management: 6 Crucial Points to Focus and Improve


Your online reputation is very important and absolutely cannot be ignored. It is basically how a person will perceive your business when they look you up online. Online Reputation Management is a practice that aims to influence and improve the quality of the information that such people receive. They can help you to suppress harmful content. This is very important as the first 5 results get 67%...

4 Types of Data Content That Any Company Can Write


One of the most useful and effective ways in which you can connect with your target audience is by publishing content that they can relate to. The goal of your content should provide some sort of value to your readers. The value of data content cannot be overstated, and you need to leverage it for success. More than 90% of B2B marketers use content marketing and you need to know about the various...

Why Readers Can Smell Fakes A Mile Away


Experienced writers and editors will give you a piece of advice that you should never forget. Readers can smell fake content from a mile away. Most readers have a sort of instinct that allows them to gauge the credibility of the content and the writer who has written it. The ideal content is structured in a way that the reader can relate to in the best way. Since 60% of marketers create one piece...

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