Tips To Make Your Content Mobile Friendly


Different search engines might show varied results on desktops and mobile devices. And as it is the ‘mobile-era,’ you have to align your website, content, and SEO strategies accordingly. I have listed below a few tips which will help you make your content mobile-focused.   Readers do not have patience, so make your content and website catchy so that it does not take much time to load. You have to...

How Does Content Performance Impact SEO and Rankings?


There is no denying that SEO and rankings are directly proportional to the content. According to research, a high content performance score leads to a better ranking on various search engines. The score also impacts the positions of the keywords on several sites. This helps in achieving higher ranks. Hence, It establishes the significance of well-optimized content.  You can deploy a third-party...

4 Ways to Earn and Maintain the Trust of your Audience


A business’s real ability lies in whether they can build a relationship of trust with their consumers. A user will only commit to the brand if they believe in it. Therefore, the audience’s confidence in your company is of the utmost necessity for its growth. Let us look at four ways of earning and maintaining their trust. Be Empathetic You can show empathy to your audience by listening to their...

Should I Delete Underperforming Content from My Site?


There are not enough reasons why you should keep content that is not performing well on your website. But whatever decision you make, it has to be wisely made because it will impact your traffic, ranking, engagement, etc. There are several reasons why a content piece fails. Some of them are:   The content quality is low. The article has black hat strategies applied to it. The topic is...

How to Do Inclusive Content that Helps your Audience and Business


Content marketing is the key to growing your business and widening your reach. One of the significant components of it is to create inclusive content that will help the audience of diverse communities to relate to your products and services. I have listed below a few ways which will help you create inclusive content. Understand Your Audience While creating content, you have to focus on knowing...

SEO Copywriting: Write Content For People and Optimize For Google


When you want to increase traffic on your site, you have to deal with your content smartly. It should be reader-friendly, and at the same time, it should be search engine optimized.  I have listed a few ways below in which you can enjoy the benefits of both. Appropriate Use Of SEO Elements     Your content has to be enticing and of high-quality by applying elements, such as timeliness...

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