TikTok Statistics for 2021: Charts, data, and how it is useful in marketing


Tiktok is a social media platform that allows users to share video content. It is owned by a Chinese company called Byte Dance. With a time duration of 15 seconds to 1 minute, people can make short format videos on this platform based on comedy, drama, dance, and education. The most common features of the platform are lip-syncing, dancing, or acting out performance clips. With its customizable...

6 Free Tools and Platforms for Every Writer


The writers today are free to explore new avenues in terms of audiences, platforms, and writing mediums. There was a time a writer had to turn the pages of a thesaurus heavier than himself if he wanted to look up a good synonym for his article. The writers of this generation, however, are blessed with tools and aids which help to manifold in producing an engaging and error-free write-up. Whether...

6 Signs That It’s Time To Outsource Your Blog Content


Outsourcing Blog content is the procedure of giving a new look and perspective to blog content. People who lack good writing skills can outsource their content for high-quality writing standards. Blogging has become a competitive task now. Only 25% of marketers are now not outsourcing their blogs for content creation.  But performing all your blog creation with extreme efficiency at home may not...

Tips to Choose a Marketing Automation Platform


Marketing Automation is the process that uses software technology to automatically perform your marketing operations such as sending email, collecting and analyzing databases, and many more. It is beneficial to both e-commerce business and digital marketing. This process enhances a 14.5% increase in the sales productivity of a business. It is a collection of tools used for automated execution of...

Tips to Implement Marketing Automation


Marketing Automation is the process through which marketing organizations and departments perform effective and efficient marketing on various online channels such as email, blogs, social media through software programs and technologies specifically made for this purpose. These software platforms for marketing are made to reduce human error. It uses special analytical tools as a solution to find...



If you are beginning as a content marketer and follow established writers, you will see some of them posting 3-5 blogs every day, whereas it takes you a minimum of 3 hours to pull off a 500-word article. How do they do it? Mind-boggling, isn’t it? Maybe they have been given the gift of writing fast? Now, you also know it’s not true?  It’s easy- something that you and I can do easily as well? So...



Content creation has various forms today, but the most practiced way of consuming content is to open the search engine and read an article on the searched topic. What does this mean? Content writing will never be out of fashion, but your writing pattern might be. There are thousands of articles getting uploaded on the internet on an everyday basis. How do you constantly be among the best writers...



To be a successful web content writer, you must first understand that writing for print media is very different from writing for the web. For print media, it is fair to assume that the reader has purchased the particular form of media to consume the content, but in the case of web content writing, readers primarily glance or scan through your article. Then don’t read. It means a web copy...

Writers Alert! SEO best practices for you!


Being a content writer, do you wish to enhance your writing skills for SEO? Well, who does not want that, after all, without SEO skills, your content will get lost in the crowd. Without SEO, your page will not receive satisfactory leads, reducing the traffic. In this blog, you will come to know the skills to incorporate to get new SEO writing tips. So, let’s begin 1. Write to your targeted...

Keeping The Urge To Please In Check


In this pandemic, we have been clear about a few things, and one amongst them is how we approach risks. Some people may be interested to do everything simply, while others opt for in-person gatherings. People-pleasing might sound like a good feature, but there is a dark side as well. Probably, saying yes to everything that you might not want to do can lead to depression. At times, it’s natural to...

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